Custom Made

Paola can model new sculptures, following the customer's instructions. Her sculptures are entirely handmade, with extreme attention to detail, which guarantees their beauty and good taste.
Every piece is therefore unique. 

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Paola Stella carves a new basrelief

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Per Daniel, 2011

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Imperial Prussian Eagle.
Sizes: 57 cm x 42.
Euro 229,00

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This bas-relief is inspired by the famous Sicilian coin "Demareteion", issued by Demarete, wife of tyrant Gelone, after the battle of Hymera (480 b.C.).

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Apollo, by Jacopo Sansovino, artistic project carried out together with Gli Amici di Pierrot, Maschere Veneziane, handmade masks workshop in Calle de la Rugheta, Venice.

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Étagère inspired by P. Uccello, Basilica di San Marco, Venice.
Sizes: 17 cm x 17.
Euro 120,00

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Family Coat of Arms

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Logo Plate, Painted Ceramic
Sizes: 60 x 35 cm

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