The winged Lion

The winged Lion is the symbol of Venice, because the winged lion described in the book of Revelation (Rv. 4,7) was identified as being St Mark the Evangelist, buried in the main church of the city. After the Venetian “theft” of the holy relics in Alessandria in Egypt, a legend aroused in which the Saint had a dream, while he was travelling across the Venetian lagoon. An angel revealed to St Mark that his body would have come to extreme and peaceful rest in Venice. Hence, the words “Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist” that can be read, in Latin, on the open book. The winged Lion was placed by the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia in every town of its rich dominium.

Muse in Venice

The sources of inspiration for this bas-relief are the facade of Ca' d'Oro e the opus sectile by Paolo Uccello in Basilica di San Marco, Venice. The Muse performs here a cleansing ritual, allowing to artist and viewer the access to the mystic marriage of Soul and Spirit.

19 cm (h), 30 cm (w)

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