The Theatrum section includes masks of the ancient Sicily Greek theatre, to decorate the house and a series of collectable fragments with details of classical scenes.

Aeolian Masks

Going to the theatre, for the Greeks dwelling in the West, such as the Sicilian of the V – III century b. C., was not just a pleasure. As long as the events, be it tragic or comic, were taking place on the stage, the audience was so involved with the plot and empathized so much with the characters that they could feel the presence of a god inside themselves. That god was the one of the ecstasy, a state through sexual pleasure, drinking and dramas: Dionysus son of Zeus, most adored and loved because he was believed to be able to give life after death. To attend a series of theatre performances on his honour was thought many sacrifices worth. So the coloured terracotta masks sculpted at Lipari, Sicily, and faithfully reproduced by Ithaca, were both a religious symbol and gift presented to god Dionysus, in hope that he would bring salvation as he had offered.

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