Ars Sacra

Thirty years ago, in Venice, Ithaca started to reproduce ancient Italian works of art.
For family reasons, it has now settled in Bavaria, Germany.
Terracottas by Ithaca are bas-reliefs to be hung on the walls as pictures, masks of Sicily Greek theatre, to decorate the house; a series of collectable fragments with scenes inspired by the classical myths.Since following the ancient techniques, the Ithaca pieces are entirely handmade with extreme attention to detail, which guarantees their beauty and good taste. Terracottas by Ithaca are an ideal gift for any occasion, welcomed by those who enjoy personalizing their house with unique style and expertise. Moreover, their firing at about 1000° C, they are perfect for decorating outdoors: their time-lasting quality is assured despite sun, rain, wind, cold, ice.

Ithaca, Arte in Terracotta
Ludwig-Thoma-Weg 18
83224 Grassau / Deutschland
Tel 00 49 8641 6977037
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Every bas-relief made by Ithaca can be personalized, with inscriptions or special colors, or even changed in size and features, to fit a particular space or purpose. Let us know your needs, they will be fulfilled!